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Allan Whitworth

QA Development Engineer
San Diego, California


Detail oriented, results motivated QA engineer with secret clearance offers strong skills and rich experience in the production verification and testing of processes including document control, software, network, and mobile applications. Enthusiastic aptitude for new technologies. Enjoy working in both independent and team environments.


  • General QA Skill Set Configuration, Scripting, Diagnostics, Team Building
    • Document Control: Contracts, Engineering Specifications, User Manuals
    • Develop and schedule full cycle of Requirements, Specifications, and recursive Test Plans
      including "Smoke", Feature, Regression, Stress, Contention, Verification, Ad Hoc, etc.
    • Error tracking, verification, feature regression, metrics and task assignment.
    • Work collegially with development teams, helping with private test builds,
    • Build formal QA departments from prototype to feature, regression, acceptance stages
    • Create and deploy MS-Access applications (VBA / VB) for inventory, bug tracking, repair history
    • Skilled data query and dynamic reports between Excel, Word, MS-Access / MS-SQL applications. Excellent skills in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Lotus Notes. Very capable in Test Director.
  • Device and Application Skill set: Firmware, software and mobile network technologies
    • Comprehensive CDMA 2G, 2.5 3G, AMPs fallback, GPRS in live and lab networks including:
      Middleware, AMS, WAP, UI, IOTA, MMS, SMS, SMIL, OMA DRM, IrDA, Brew, Java
    • System Testing of handheld devices: PalmOS, WinCE, CDMA / PDA / IrDA, synchronization
    • Run lab test scripts on Racal, Agilent and Rhode & Schwarz test equipment
    • Interoperability and contention tests with Java, Bluetooth, PalmOS, Win CE PDAs, Modem
    • Create & maintain Perl, Python, VB, VBA, and BASH (Unix) scripts for automated tests, data parsing.


  • Home Depot Supply August 2006 to present - - Websphere QA Lead
    • QA Management: Initiate end-to-end QA activities for hdsupply.comís purchasing system
    • Consolidate documentation into Microsoft Visual source
    • Export Word and Excel test cases into Test Director
    • LoadRunner: Create and execute remote load tests (VuGen, Controllers, Load Generators.)
    • Schedule and execute full cycle of smoke, feature, stress & regression tests
    • Compile metrics for bug scrub presentations
    • Introduce development team to proper use of Test Director policies, assign issues per agreed policies
  • Ocean Systems Engineering Corp January 2006 to May 2006 - QA Lead, US Navy ATFP
    • QA Management - Initiated comprehensive QA campaign from the ground up for 6 developers of Java GUI / JSP / JBOSS UI of Linux controlled interface for cameras and sensors.
    • Led test team during peak work load of tests (at deadlines, and 48 hour test runs)
    • Document Control: Create Test Plans, User Manuals, Metrics, pivot table statistics
    • Manage Bug Tracking Web Portal and link live data to Excel pivot table reports
    • Create and executed regular feature and regression tests. Trained and worked with team for round-the-clock stress tests prior to delivery
    • Served on delivery team deploying product to Navy SIL Lab, Baltimore, Maryland

  • Symwave September 2005 to January 2006 - QA Startup Development Contract
    • QA Lead: Biometric (fingerprint reader) device, firmware, drivers, and software
    • Create formal QA infrastructure and periodic test and build schedule from ground up
    • Write test plans, test suites, and manuals for Product, Engineering and Processes
    • Program MS-Access system to track bug and ownership, replacing uncontrolled emails
    • Liaison between sales, customers and US and China development teams.
    • Support, Repair and Upgrade customer beta test installations
    • Create installer. Turn over new system to new QA Lead, interns and project management.
  • Kelly Engineering - 1997 to 2005 QA Engineer assigned to projects with:
    • Nokia Mobile Phones QA Engineer 2/03 to 2/04 and 9/04 to 9/05
      • Write and execute Build Acceptance and Interoperability Tests of data modems, Brew, InfraRed, cables, headsets, Bluetooth, memory cards, Outlook synchronization
      • Live and Lab network testing of carrier response, WAP push, SMS, etc. on 3G, 2G, 1xRTT, EV, IS-95, IS-2000
      • Setup new phones, new builds: Tune, configure PRI/PPL, Browser and BREW configuration. Optimize tune/battery values. Create new PRI files.
      • Create and maintain Perl, Python, VB, VBA, and BASH scripts for automation, data parsing, validation and control of CDMA, CDMA2000 Agilent / HP simulators
      • IOTA Specification and Test development, to delivery to test teams
        Served four member development team in Sprint's Acceptance Lab in Kansas
      • Develop OMA DRM (Forward Lock, Combined and Separate Delivery) Test Plan
      • Create & test XML encrypted media and publish on test server. Test MMS, WAP push of web downloads. Program MS-Access tools for handset flash and NAM history.

    • Intel Wireless Lab QA Engineer 9/01 to 6/02
      • Test of 802.11 driver installation, NDIS5, Proset, miniPCI, and throughput. Web / Help QA.
      • Error tracking, bug scrub triage meetings between test & development teams
      • Lab and Ghost inventory management. WHQL, Web and Help documentation and testing
      • Configure APs to test varying frequency overlap, hand off, throughput, firewall functions
      • Create MS-Access Lab Inventory programs for laptops, network appliances, Ghost images

    • Hewlett-Packard San Diego Software Test Center 6/98 to 6/01
      • Create, edit, and execute Test Scripts, leveraging and annotating for future projects, including Euro and Asian smoke testing (DBCS) and full test cycles of I/O, MSI, PnP, Contention, Win9x, NT, ME, XP, MS-Office. Help evaluate Rational Visual Test.
      • Create / Manage inventory of supported Ghost images of Operating Systems: NT, Win9x, Win2K, and WinXP. Flash firmware and burn CDs of new builds.
      • Software and Drivers: Photo editing and card readers for Sony, MMC, and others.
      • Special projects: Test and install corporate customer builds. Katakana LCD testing

    • SDG&E (Tree Mapping project Hardware manager) 8/97 to 6/98
      • Hardware integration and Beta Tester Administrator for six (6) field testers
      • Programmed MS-Access and VB6 Visual Studio applications for inventory document control, paging field personnel
      • Data validation before transfer from Beta units to SQL server.

  • Siemens Mobile 2/200 4 to 9/2004 - NAFTA QA Engineer
    • Create, execute test plans, and verify results for MMS, SML, WML, SMS, PoC, GPRS
    • Programmed utilities to convert German text files to MS-Access and Excel test suites
    • Track bugs from detection to resolution with ClearQuest (web version).
    • Report to project manager via MS-Project, MS-Access and regular status reports
    • Automate tests of SMS for different models using Python and AT commands
    • Run lab test scripts on Rhode & Schwarz equipment including HTCs WinCE (PDA) phone
  • Kyocera Wireless - 8/2002 to 2/2003 - QA Engineer accelerated 7135 smart phone project
    • QA of prototype CDMA / PDA (PalmOS) live and on Tektronix and HP tools, Test Expert to:
      • Perform ad hoc, full feature, integration, regression and verification tests. Used results to create formal test specification
      • create and execute formal tests of Palm OS, mobile phone, web browser, 911, SMS, PC installation, and accessories (integration, contention, stress) on 2G, 3G, AMPs
    • Leverage previous outlines and other model's documentation to create new product test plans.
    • Test embedded Linux CDMA prototype, Wildseed
  • Microserv 8/1995 to 2/1997 - Field Engineer to US DOE remote super fund site
    • Field diagnostics, troubleshoot and repair PCs, networks, video, modem, HP devices and other peripheral electromechanical and logic assemblies.
    • Deploy new operating systems, backup and restore, remove viruses, train clients.
  • Concurrent Web Development - OverRev, Okui etc. 1994 to 2000 Web consultant
    • Consult, Photograph and Develop Websites (HTML and Content)
    • Web Graphics: Photograph, edit, animate as needed
    • Support Web Hosting for Japanese and English WebPages
    • Proof, Edit, Advise and create English corporate websites
    • Create internet survey of US Win98 migration experience
    • Develop forms and validate with CGI and JavaScript
  • ADTECHS/ (subsidiary of JGC Yokohama) 11/93 - 5/95 - Technician / Technical Writer
    • Accounts Payable development and support of reporting solutions for major purchases, labor tracking and AP reports. Replaced multipart dB2 application with integrated Paradox solution
    • Development and support of Engineering, Labor and Accounts Payable reporting for DOE
    • Programmed Paradox reporting solutions to integrate, simplify and improve existing processes
    • PC and printer network support for Japanese and English speaking engineers
    • Technical Writing of Instrumentation Specs, Contract Negotiation Minutes, and Agendas


  • Experience greater or equivalent to BS/CS. Continuing Education Goals include BS/CS (2007). Continued independent study of Perl, Python, C++, Java, WinRunner
  • A.S. Degree Computer Science (Microprocessors, Calculus, Pascal, Assembly, C, etc.)
  • Japanese for Business (University of Washington Extension), 1997

Other Skills, Languages

  • Dell certified: desktop and laptops
  • Conversational Japanese, very basic reading skills for menu navigation


  • Active secret security clearance for US Navy
  • Security clearance for US D.O.E Hanford Project.
    Nuclear training and clearance for BPA's WPPSS Nuclear Power facilities
  • U.S. Citizen with current passport

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